How to clean your old lego bricks

How to clean your old lego bricks

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So you found your old LEGOs and the manuals and want to recreate some of these models. But your bricks look old & dirty.

Here is how to clean them! (In this case the Fort Legoredo)

Get all the bricks you need to build the model you'd like to.

Put them in a laundry net.

Put the laundry net in a pillowcase with a zipper.

After closing the pillowcase tie a knot so you can be sure no brick gets out.

Put the bricks together with a blanket ...

... in the washing machine.

Don't go for more than 30° Centigrade!!!

Let the machine do its job.

In the end the are neat and clean, just like you got them out of the box years ago!

Now you can start building!

Aaaanndddd: Done. (Some minifigures are still missing...)

Fun Fact: Some bricks will assemble while washing.

So it's like Shakespeare and the typewriter monkeys: After a Zillion times of washing your LEGOs, there is a statistic chance that one model will be already assembled after washing.

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