How to take nail polish off easily

How to take nail polish off easily

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When I found out how to take nail polish off this way, I saved so many cotton balls! It is super easy to do, and you won't be wasting nail polish remover either!

First, gather your supplies.

Next, take the cotton ball and unrolling into one long strip!

Once finished with that, take the remover and pour some into the cap.

Now, take the cotton ball strip and take chunks off that would cover your fingernail.

Now, take one chunk and dip it into the remover. You do not need to dip the whole thing, just the bottom half.

Now place it on top of your nail, and gently press down on it.

Wait only for about a minute once they are all on.

Now, take a smaller chunk of cotton ball and place it at the base of your nail.

Press down on it, and start moving it up your nail, bringing the previous cotton ball along with it.

Keep pushing it up until it gets to the top.

Afterward, your nail should have almost all the polish off it! Some polishes are harder to get off then others, especially glitter.

Now take a cotton swab and dip it into the remover.

Take the swab and clean up the rest of your nail, taking off the rest of the polish.

Now you're done! You can do your other hand, and use the rest if the cotton ball strip.