Nestlé Scientists Found A Way To Create The Same Taste With Almost Half The Sugar

Nestlé Scientists Found A Way To Create The Same Taste With Almost Half The Sugar

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Nestlé's scientists found a way of lessening the sugar up to 40 percent by keeping its taste the same.

Found by a team of experts, the nature-inspired pathbreaking material has the same taste with sugar, even when much less of it is used. According to Nestlé, as a uniquely structured sugar type, th findings taste doesn't change even if they reduce its amount by up to 40 percent. This new material affects the human tongue in a way that our tastebuds can't tell the difference.

"Hollow" sugar crystals

From 2018 onwards, Nestlé will start to use their soon to be patented finding as a faster-dissolving sugar in their confectionery products such as Butterfinger and Cailler. According to Nestlé's Chief Technology Officer Stefan Catsicas' limited statement; it is about making sugar crystals that are “hollow”. He also reported that the goal is to make people get used to a different, more natural taste. "We really want to be the drivers of the solution” he added.

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Restoring sensation

GlaxoSmithKline plc executive and biology professor Catsicas defines their innovation as restoring sensation. Through a process of re-shaping sugar's structure, Nestlé tries to imitate the complex structures of unprocessed food.

If you look with an electron microscope into an apple, that’s exactly what you see. Real food in nature is not something smooth and homogeneous. It’s full of cavities, crests, and densities. So by reproducing this variability, we are capable to restore the same sensation.

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Experimented by Catsicas himself

Catsicas states that the company plans to use the new technology in Butterfinger and Cailler chocolates first. He also highlights Nestlé's plans to use reduced sugar content in other products gradually. Besides scientific researches, Catsicas also experimented the idea in his daily life by regularly lessening the amount of sugar he puts in his coffee. With small reductions on a weekly basis, Catsicas started to have his coffee black and sugar-free.

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Sugar reduction program of Nestlé

Nestlé's sugar reduction program aims to provide healthier options with reduced sugar, while still offering the same preferred texture and taste.

We continually look for ways to reduce the sugar content across our portfolio and have already launched a wide range of reduced-sugar foods and beverages. The challenge for us lies in consistently providing tastier and healthier solutions that meet consumer preferences.

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Nestlé Policy on Sugars and Nutrition

Related to Nestle's nutrition policies, the company works on various subjects all related each other such as reduction on salt, sugar, saturated and trans fats and moreover. To get further information, check the scientific report and and guideline the Sugars Intake For Adults and Children of World Health Organization.

Following the establishment of Nestlé Policy on Sugars, the company has already reduced the percentage of sugar in many products. The updated policy aims to help consumers not to exceed their recommended intake; that is no more than 10 percent of calories in their diet should come from free sugars. The policy covers all food and beverage products sold under brands owned by Nestle and includes an extensive amount of biscuits, drinks, ice cream and desserts.

Related to Nestlé's nutrition policies, the company works on various subjects such as reduction of salt, sugar, saturated and trans fats and moreover. For further information, check the report and the guideline of World Health Organization : Sugars Intake For Adults and Children.

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Written by Tamar Melike Tegün

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